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Archive | December, 2010

Looking back a year

I apologise for not having written in so long.  A member of my family has been and continues to be very unwell.  I have to give my sons what spare time I have. But I am now getting back to work. Sometimes it can be hard to stick to a view that is unpopular or […]

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The cancer in us.

When Cancers grow they don’t do so according to any plan. They grow when cells cease to regard themselves as part of a larger body and choose instead to gorge themselves, unregulated and unchecked, upon it, and are enabled to do so by the absence of the body’s Programmed Cell Death system which should normally force the shut-down of […]

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The Debt Generation AVAILABLE at AMAZON NOW

FINALLY!   The Debt Generation IS NOW in Amazon! IT IS IN STOCK AND CAN BE DELIVERED NEXT DAY. I shout this because due to Amazon’s odd wharehouse system makles it seem as if it’s not in stock WHEN IT IS. We are selling on Amazon by what they call fulfillment by Amazon.  Payment, packing, […]

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Unicredit – Another Lehman Brothers?

It is a strange thing that amidst all yesterdays attacks on democracy in Ireland and Greece and worries about State sovereignty in those countries, as well as Portugal and Spain, that it was Italy’s largest bank which suffered a very large fall in share price, the largest of of any bank on the day, I […]

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Italy erupts – a student calls for solidarity

I don’t usually lift things from other sources, but I don’t think this writer will mind.  This was posted today as a comment under a NY Times article about the student protests which have erupted in Italy over Berlusconi yet again clinging to power. The post speaks for itself.  This person asks for solidarity.  As […]

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Madoff, UniCredit and Ireland’s regulatory silence

Last week I wrote suggesting Unicredit might be in trouble because of debts coming to it from its Austrian subsidiary Bank Austria and its American subsidiaries Pioneer Global Asset Management and Vanderbilt Capital Advisers Friday, Unicredit, Pioneer, Bank Austria and through them, Medici Bank, are all named as accused in the largest case to come […]

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Japan is going to blow

Here is someone else who is beginning to agree with me that Japan is the flesh eating zombie behind the door waiting to surprise us. I have been saying for most of this year that Japan may be wild card because Japan has up till now not ever had to sell its debt on the […]

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Europe unravels – At the Centre

The papers are full of European leaders calling each other names. Jean Claude Junker called Angela Merkel “un-European” because she rejected his idea of a “Euro”-bond to replace national bonds while she said which bit of “Nein” are you unable to understand.  OK she didn’t actually say that.  But its what’s she’s thinking. Junker went on […]

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Dominoes falling from the East

Chapter one –  The Debt train. Today the Irish will to hear what further humiliations their political and financial classes are going to heap upon them.  So naturally everyone is looking at the line of dominoes in Western Europe.  Ireland, knocking confidence in Portugal, knocking on to the big kahuna of ‘too big to save’, […]

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Move Your Bank Day

Today was Move your bank day.  I hope this might be an idea that lasts more than a day.  It is something I wrote about back in January when I first started this blog. Here is what I said about the idea at a recent talk. Other parts of the talk are up on our […]

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