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Archive | February, 2011

Korean bank run

Just a very short note – I have to catch a train –  but before I go, take a look at what is brewing in Korea.  Zerohedge has been following this one from the beginning reporting on the run on and closure of Busan II bank. They followed up with this one on how the run was […]

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America tearing in two and systemic bank fraud

US housing is pushing America towards a double dip. If it happens, it will tear America’s social fabric in two. There will be the elite of Wall Street profiting from the vast and obscene support the government has lavished upon it, and those the government has turned its back upon, who are without jobs, a […]

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Qatar’s rising importance and power

Keep an eye on Qatar. Something interesting is going on in Arab power politics and I suspect Qatar lies at its centre. Politically and religiously Qatar is important. Qatar is one of the most autocratic but also one of the most ‘liberal’ of the Arab states. It is ruled by an Emir, but has freedom […]

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"From Crisis to Cuts – No Accident" a talk by David Malone

More Talks and Q&A’s happening. Wednesday 23rd Feb 15.00  “From Crisis to Cuts – No Accident” a talk by David Malone  —  Large committee room, Liverpool Students Union, Maryland St, Liverpool, 18.30   Showing Inside Job and Q&A at the  Fact Cinema,  Liverpool Thursday 24th Feb 11am  “From Crisis to Cuts – No Accident” a talk by David Malone  — […]

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Libya, oil prices, mercenaries and UniCredit

Just a quick update on Libya.  There have been reports from unnamed sources within Libya reported by Reuters and Al Jazeera that foreign mercenaries are being used to put down the protests.  There have also been videos coming out of the country showing a heavy troop presence but I certainly can’t say if the troops […]

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What about Iran?

Had another interesting conversation about Iran and Islamic unrest with the person who used to work with one of Europe’s larger Intelligence Services.  We talked about Iran. The Iranian government is getting worried apparently. And what they are most concerned about are the tribes.  The government in Iran,  like most governments in the area, is […]

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Euro downgrades and looting

Remember when I wrote that I thought the EU was repositioning for the next big event? Here’s a small time line of scattered events. Over the last few months, it turns out, ECB bail outs and loans just have not been enough for either Greece or Ireland.  Not surprising in the case of Ireland where […]

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Food, Democracy and Markets

So far this year ordinary people in Algeria, Tunisia, Egypt, Jordan, Yemen, Oman and Iran have taken to the streets.  In all of them the demands have been for greater democracy. Not one of the protests has had the “Death to America”, “Death to Israel” so beloved of the Fox News knuckle heads. So this […]

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Repositioning for the next big ‘event’

The only thing more unwise to speculate about than finance is politics. So I thought I’d do both. You know those times when you see things which just don’t look right and seem to all be at right angles to the official or assumed story?  Well I’m having one of those times. The Danes started […]

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Final dates and times for London "Inside Job" talks.

Here are the final dates and times for the talks and Q&A sessions after showings of Charles Ferguson’s Oscar nominated “Inside Job”. Charles Ferguson rather kindly sent us this in response to reading The Debt Generation,  “David Malone comes to a similar conclusion as I came to making Inside Job: that the financial system, as […]

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