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Archive | March, 2011

Ireland and Japan – liars and idiots.

The Irish banks need €24 billion. So now we know. WHAT?!  Until we know WHY the losses keep on appearing like poisonous toadstools in the dark, then we know nothing. Does anyone imagine that the reason why we now find that the banks need more money is because the previous 4 times the government inspectors […]

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Ireland, Greece and Portugal should Default

Ireland, Greece and Portugal should all default on their debt. The problem with saying that is that as soon as you do, a great clucking flock of Chicken Littles come speeding out of their corners, kicking up dust and confusion and drowning out any attempt to discuss the issue beneath a frenzy of shrill cries […]

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Goldman Sachs wants your pension

It is time to look ahead. Not because there isn’t quite enough going wrong right now to occupy us all, but because I am tired of being taken by surprise. It is time to stop reacting to events and at least try to guess what consequences are going to unfold from what has already happened […]

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Are we really all in this together?

Are we all in this together?  Well only in the sense that in a drive-by shooting the killer, victim and gun are all in it together – just on different ends of it.  Same with our recovery. We’re all in it, but one man’s efficiency saving, is another’s unemployment. Eurostat, the European agency which gathers […]

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An interesting week ahead

This is going to be an interesting week. The Irish are now openly saying they want to make the Senior bond holders take some of the bank losses. That is most definitely not in the European Financial Class’s game plan.  Neither France nor Germany nor the UK will like the sound of it. Because for […]

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Who do the ‘regulators’ work for?

The Nuclear and the Financial industries are both supposed to be carefully regulated. Their potential for causing systemic and widespread harm was supposed to be reflected in the fact that they both have not only ‘powerful’ national regulators but also international ones as well. The shoe industry doesn’t have its own regulator with its own […]

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Rumours of another Gulf Oil Spill.

There are reports of another oil spill in the Gulf just off the Louisiana coast about twenty miles from the site of BP’s ClearWater Horizon rig.  The spill is said to have originated from W&T Offshore’s Matterhorn SeaStar rig. Another deep water rig. So far the details come largely from this article from the Tallashassi Environmental […]

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Nuclear and Market melt downs

Japan is now facing two melt downs.  Nuclear and market/yen. Or perhaps it would be more accurate to say it is facing one and causing the other. The news from the reactors at Fukushima is contradictory and would be comic if it wasn’t horrific.  What we do know is that the French are advising their […]

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Japan, the Middle East and European debt – storm fronts combining

Events in Japan and the Middle East will now, I think, slowly start to combine. Japan has lost the output from a large number of reactors. One of her largest, one of the largest reactors in the world, in fact. Japan has lost a great deal of power generating capacity, about 9.7 gigawatts, from closed […]

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Meanwhile in Bahrain

While the world watches the fine results of building nuclear reactors almost upon a fault line, in one of the world’s seismically most active areas, but not thinking it necessary to build them to withstand the most severe event – while we all absorb the wisdom and forethought of that – events in Bahrain are […]

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