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Archive | July, 2011

What the Ratings Agencies really do. Liars Lexicon – Support Uplift

The news of the last week or so has been full of Ratings Agencies downgrading banks, bonds, debts and even entire nations. So now seems like a good moment to look at what it is the Ratings Agencies, Moodys, S&P and Fitch, actually rate? What do they consider in coming to their conclusions and can they […]

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RBS bailing out Bank of Ireland

The Bank of Ireland saga continues. Here is an article from the Irish Independent from Saturday. It begins, BANK of Ireland (BoI) yesterday raised €2.9bn in fresh short-term funding, believed to be from Royal Bank of Scotland(RBS), as the bank fights to stay out of state control. And of course RBS is owned by you […]

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Bank of Ireland collapse confirmed- UPDATED

This morning this from Reuters saying that “unidentified” investors have bought a €1.1 billion stake in BoI.   Why unidentified? The bank is calling it a vote of confidence in the irish Economy.  Unidentified investors have confidence in Ireland’s economy. Confidence that the Irish economy will what?  Recover in a way that benefits the many or […]

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Irish Bank Default Rumour – UPDATE

The plot thickens. This came in yesterday from Reuters and seems to have received almost no notice at all.  Which I find strange as it looks to me that it confirms WhistleblowerIRL’s post. DUBLIN, July 22 | Fri Jul 22, 2011 6:48am EDT (Reuters) – The International Swaps and Derivatives Association (ISDA) on Friday set […]

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Guest Post – WhistleblowerIRL – Another Irish Bank bites the Dust – A rumour from across the Pond

Today, I was informed by a source in New-York that our very own movers & shakers have been hitting the streets of the Big Apple in a last breath attempt to attract the finance needed to prevent the nationalisation of yet another major Irish bank.That would be another of the Irish banks that according to […]

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Guest Post – Lies and Truths on Greek Public Debt

This is a longer and more detailed Guest post by Maria Lucia Fattorelli in which she disects the lies that have rebranded a bank crisis and bank debts into a public spending crisis and public debts.   Lies and Truths on Greek Public Debt  Maria Lucia Fattorelli[i]          The pressure against Greece is getting stronger […]

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Guest Post – Why a Debt Audit in Greece

This is a guest post by Maria Lucia Fattorelli, who has been Coordinator of Citizen Debt Audit-Brazil since 2001 and a Member of the Commission of Debt Audit in Ecuador (2007-2010).  She thus has an inside knowledge of how Debt audits work.  I wrote about the idea of a Debt Commission some time ago in A […]

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Final Destination Europe

Three years ago Europe’s and America’s banks were supposed to die in an horrific accident.  Their own rampaging greed and corruption had finally caught up with them. But somehow they cheated death. They did it by selling the lives of others; the tax payers in their own nations and those of nations, like Greece and […]

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A Letter of Protest from Greece.

This was sent to me tonight by one of the people protesting in Greece. Hi to all of you I m writing  to INFORM you of what is happening for 48 days now in my beautiful country we have been on the streets and the squares all over GReece,PEACEFULLY demonstrating our dislike for the government’s […]

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European Debt Pandemic spreads

MarketWatch reports that late Monday night European finance ministers said, “they are ready to adopt further measures to ensure Greece’s sovereign debt crisis does not spread to other parts of the European Union.” Hello? These people need to get out more and inhale less of their own fog of lies. This isn’t any longer a […]

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