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Archive | December, 2011

The Miracle of Solvency

The lies which got us to the purgatory we are in, are being told all over again, right now, in every bank in the Western World. Not by accident, but on purpose, by men with calculators and degrees, in the full knowledge of what they are doing, why and for whose benefit. Every religion has […]

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Thank You

To all of you who have made this blog what I hoped it might be: – a place where people think, question and converse in a community of their own making, –  where rancour and rudeness are not accepted, – and where people know they can ask for help and offer it in the knowledge […]

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Plan B – How to loot nations and their banks legally

Is there a plan B? That question is usually asked of governments regarding their attempts to ‘save’ the banks domiciled in their country. But has anyone asked if the banks have a plan B? Does anyone think that if our governments fail to keep to their austerity targets and fail to keep bailing out the […]

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Rumours, disasters and ‘re-hypothecation”.

The rumours are swirling.  Top of the list is “re-hypothecation”. Next is German bank re-capitalization. And last is an IMF Europe bail out fund. At the end of the US trading day came a report from the Japanese press that the G20 were going to set up a $600 billion rescue fund for Europe.  American […]

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The Hammer of Debt.

“…nobody would claim that their own thinking was ideological, just as nobody would habitually refer to themselves as Fatso. Ideology, like halitosis, is in this sense what the other person has.” “Ideology” by Terry Eagleton. P.2 We all see the world through a lens of ideas and assumptions. The courageous man admits this to himself […]

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