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Archive | February, 2012

Propaganda Wars : Our Version – Risk Weighted Lies. 1

The core claim of the Big banks and those who support them is that the financial system, as it is presently constituted, is not only fair and fit for purpose, but essential for our continued welfare. People should therefore stop complaining and knuckle down to suffer whatever deprivation is necessary. All must serve the greater […]

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Syria – a small thought.

The Guardian, on its breaking news ticker, is now running a report from PA news wire under the headline “Hague: Syrian Leader should quit..” The article says, Some 137 countries backed a non-binding resolution at the UN General Assembly in New York supporting an Arab League plan that calls for Assad to step down and […]

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Propaganda Wars : Their Version – “Markets don’t fail”.

History is written by the victors. It should be no surprise then, that the bankers have developed a very clear story of how the financial debacle happened and who should be blamed, and are now engaged in a campaign to have their version of events accepted and all others declared as dangerous demagoguery. What the […]

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Another tiny detail from Switzerland

Back in June of last year (2011) I wrote about how there was such a demand for safe deposit boxes in Switzerland that,  …if you want a bank box in Zurich today, they will require that you have a minum of half a million swiss francs on deposit in the bank, before they will even […]

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