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Archive | March, 2012

The ECB swallowed the market

Around a black hole there is what is called an event horizon. It is the point beyond which you can no longer turn back. In Hollywood films the event is often made rather dramatic with lots of shaking and sirens, as if it was like the lip of an approaching waterfall. It isn’t. In reality […]

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More evidence of German banking worries

More questions about the stability and probity of German banking this morning following on from the rumour of the €1 Trillion hole in German banks. This from the 21st March  Wall Street Journal, Deutsche Bank AG changed the legal structure of its huge U.S. subsidiary to shield it from new regulations that would have required the […]

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A rumour concerning €1 trillion in German bad debt

When the Chief Market Analyst of  FX Solutions, Mr Joseph Trevisani, in an interview on CNBC on 23rd Sept 2011,was asked about fluctuating currency values, his reply created a stir. What he said was that you had to look at what was going on in Europe –  everyone then expected him to mention Greece – but instead he said, “There […]

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Propaganda War: Our Version – The Banker’s Mexican Stand-off

Imagine if you were in a plane and you looked down and spread out beneath you, majestic in the ocean, was an entire mighty battle fleet. And then it sank; Not just one, but every ship in quick succession. What would you think? Would you think it likely that in each ship, by some amazing coincidence, […]

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Propaganda Wars: Our Version – Toxic bloom of lies

We ended the last part of Propaganda Wars with the question, “So what are the ways the banks ditched safety and robustness in favour of performance, profit and bonus package?” To answer this we are going to look in more detail at the money banks lend out and are owed back (bank income) which is the Assets […]

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Propaganda Wars: Our Version – Balance sheet instabilities

So far in Propaganda Wars we have looked at the Bank’s version of reality in which the banks were blameless victims of unscrupulous and fiendishly clever paupers who ‘took’ loans from the banks against the bankers better judgelment and will. In the next part we began to turn the tables and attack the banks where […]

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