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Archive | September, 2012

Japanese Banking Minister found hanged

From Reuters this evening – Japanese Banking Minister Tadahiro Matsushita was found hanged at his home on Monday in what police suspect was a suicide, Kyodo news agency said. Obvioulsy very sad for him and his family. That aside I cannot help but wonder – why?  

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Spain’s BALLS. Part Three. A right load of…

Part one was the Bad Bank. Part two was, what might be in the BB courtesy of Bankia and the other Caja. Part three… Part two of this series ended talking about Recourse and Non-recourse loans. Noting that Spanish mortgages are recourse. Meaning that if  the borrower defaults the lender/bank has recourse to not only the collateral […]

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Who trades where? – pondering out loud

Just a quick note. Which I must warn you is to be read or ignored as ‘pondering out loud’. Is it me or is something happening in the Bond market that hints at broader changes? This morning a German government bond auction for €5 billion in 10 year bonds, failed.  In normal times that would […]

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Spain’s BALLS – Part two – Asset, losses and Lies.

In part one of  Spain – Bad Banks, Assets, Losses and  Lies – henceforth known as Spain’s BALLS. I set out what a Bad Bank actually is and how I think it will be used largely to the detriment of the Spanish people.  In this second part I want to see if we can piece […]

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Spain, Bad Banks, Assets, Losses and Lies

I thought it might be a good moment to take a broad look at Spain’s financial troubles and outlook.  For those of you who tire of details, the executive summary is that is that it is bad and without a doubt going to get  considerably worse over the next 6 – 18 months despite Spanish […]

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