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The Undeserving

In this season of good will to all and general cheer let us talk of “The Undeserving.” They are an emotive topic. They divide people. Do they exist or are they a political scapegoat? I personally do not feel anyone is born undeserving. But some people achieve it. Some seem to take a cruel and […]

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The Emerging New World Order – Part 2. The End of Sovereignty

In part one I wrote, ” …in every country the people who run the State have largely decided they no longer wish to serve the people but prefer instead to serve the interests of a Global Over-Class”. I believe we are in the midst of an historic shift in the alignment of loyalty and political […]

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Nelson Mandela

There have been so very few really great and admirable leaders. If only Africa had another such as Nelson Mandela. If only we all had.                  

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The New World Order – Part 1. The Betrayal of the Nation

In every country I can think of, the sovereignty and wealth of the Nation, which was once the embodiment of the power and will of the people,  is being butchered and sold to the highest bidder. Everywhere, the Nation and the people within it, are under attack. Not from without by terrorists but from within. […]

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Interview with Renegade Economist

                    A week ago I did a fairly wide ranging interview with Ross Ashcroft over at the Renegade Economist.  Thought some of you might be interested.    

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Ways of seeing Climate Change – A Talk

This Wednesday, October 30th I am giving a talk and showing film clips, offering some ideas on why it is that  scientists have such a hard time communicating about Climate Change. My talk is from 4 – 4.40pm (though I will be there for about 10.30 onwards) in a day long series of talks, events […]

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Global Debt, Global Currency

With the latest installment of the ‘US debt ceiling’ melodrama over, for now, perhaps it’s a good time to ask, what was it all about really? I know that officially it was supposed to be an edge of your seat, high stakes thriller about how much debt the US government can carry before some disaster […]

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Whistleblowing and Immunity in Ireland

Immunity from Prosecution is an slightly odd concept – but nowhere is it so odd as it is in Ireland it would seem. A Prosecution service (such as a Director of Public Prosecution) will occassionally grant Immunity to someone so they can testify against others without what they say being used to implicate themselves in […]

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My Interview about Syria on NPR

In case you would like to hear it, I was interviewed about Syria and Gas, by Claudia Cragg for NPR (National Public Radio) in the States. The interview ran on the Boulder, Colorado station KGNU. You can go to Claudia’s web page and follow the link or you can go direct to the Pod Cast […]

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Syria – Cui bono Part Three – Europe and the USA

The official story about any intervention in Syria is that we are not after any benefit for ourselves. We are just appalled at the use of gas and feel ourselves to be the guardians of international law, freedom and innocent children.  Yeah right! In part One I took issue with this ‘Simple World’ narrative. In […]

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