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Archive | January, 2013

Sovereignty – betrayals and lies.

Today the art of politics is to take public concern,  anger or bigotry and create a channel for it so that like flood water you can destroy one place or group while protecting another. Mr Cameron and his flag waving concern to restore Britain’s lost sovereignty is a case in point. The Conservative party has, […]

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Currency Wars – their Imperial aspect

A quick thought about the money printing and currency wars. When the current and on-going bank debt crisis began in 2007 we were told that the answer was to print up money (call it QE or ‘borrowing’ if it makes you happy) and give it to the banks. This would, we were assured, relieve the […]

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Mali and Algeria – A slightly different view.

Everyone, it seems, newspapers as well as politicians, are very keen to talk about the Islamist terrorist affiliations of the armed groups in Mali and Algeria. All the British papers are quick to point out the Islamic extremism links of the purpetrators. This is the analysis of  events they offers us. The historian Michael Burleigh […]

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Some small thoughts – On the power-struggle between ‘money’ and debt.

Think back to the neo-liberal glory years when every ‘right thinking’ person could see clearly that governments simply had to be shrunk and their spending and debt reduced. Isn’t it interesting that this was also the era when the old limits on bank leverage  – how much the banks could print – were removed. It was also the […]

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