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Archive | March, 2013

Max Keiser picks up on “Plunderball”

Seems like Max Keiser liked the Plunderball article . You can see him and co-host Stacy Herbert quoting from the aricle and discussing it in their own uniquely entertaining and irreverant style on this edition of their show.  

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Two Interviews

Just a brief update. Two links for you . Two brief interviews: one  with me the other with Jonathan Sugarman, both about the failure of Financial Regulators. Belgian TV released another part of the interview they did with Jonathan Sugarman. In this part he talks about the Irish Bank guarentee and asks where was the […]

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Twilight of Justice

Back in December of 2012, when it was proved in U.S. court that billions of dollars of drug money had been laundered through HSBC and yet somehow it was also found that HSBC was NOT guilty of laundering and neither was anyone in the bank, there was an outcry. In America Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren, […]

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Inequality, Crime and the Banks: A talk by former Scotland Yard Fraud Squad Officer Rowan Bosworth-Davis

For those of you who don’t know him, Rowan Bosworth-Davis is a former Scotland Yard Fraud Officer. He is also one of the country’s authorities on Money Laundering and financial fraud.  I am re-reading one of his classic works, “Money Laundering – A practical guide…” It should be a great talk. I will try to […]

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Cyprus – The ‘nuclear’ option

Europe, the ECB and the IMF have put a gun to Cyprus’ head. The threat has been made public – you do as we say and seize depositor’s money or – Germany to Cyprus: your banks might never re-open Either Cypriot members of parliament ignore the will of the Cypriot people or the ECB stops […]

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Plunderball – The new Euro banking game

So who will get shafted next? Will your lucky numbers come up? We’ve all heard of deposit insurance, but does it mean what we all thought it meant – that up to a given sum we would not lose any money if our bank collapsed? And by the way – who pays the bill? The […]

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Cyprus versus the EUstapo – a mischievious idea

Cyprus has called the EU’s bluff. The ECB had said if Cyprus did not agree to the seizing of depositors’ money to bail out the banks it would not continue to support Cyprus’ banks which would in all likelihood mean the largest bank, Bank of Cyprus, would run out of money as early as the […]

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The Slippery Grip of Growth – Guest Post by Hawkeye

1) Whither Growth Never has a society spoken so much about growth, yet achieved so little. Time and time again predictions of recovery and a return to normal levels of economic growth have proven premature. The phrase “triple dip recession” has now entered the lexicon in the UK as GDP figures look like turning south […]

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EU imposes collective punishment on Cypriots

The official line, as reported by Bloomberg, is that, Cyprus Bank Deposits to Be Taxed in $13 Billion Bailout What this means is that 6.75% 0f the money in any account up to €100 000 and 9.9% of any amount over that has already been frozen in the account and will, if the plan goes […]

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News from the Front

From the man who brings you the dissappearing article here is the appearing film.  Metamorphosis:The Science of Change. BBC4 tonight (Wed) 9pm. Time Out rather kindly previewed it with, Wonderfully thought-provoking TV and exactly the kind of personal yet universal musing that BBC4 does best. So this score this morning is – a storm in […]

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