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Archive | May, 2013

Chinese wage rises.

The Chinese authorities have, for some time now, been talking about the desirability of moving their economy from being overly reliant on exports to one which has a significant domestic component of goods produced in China for consumption in China. The central authorities have wished rather publicly that more investment and bank lending was going […]

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Paper gold, Metal gold – when worlds diverge.

The price of gold is going down. That is what the charts, newspapers and pundits are all saying. What I think they are deliberately not saying is that the value and desirability, as opposed to the price of gold, is going up and will go up further. Make no sense?  Well I think it does if […]

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What bankers don’t know

A great deal has been written about what corrupt bankers knew and when they knew it. I want to look at what they didn’t know. Not from a desire to be perverse but because what bankers knew and when, the stuff of good investigative journalism and legal cases, is what you need in order to prove an […]

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Peak collateral – a strange attraction

I wonder if we are reaching what we might call ‘Peak Collateral’?  That state when the creation of assets, which the market will accept as collateral, is insufficient to sustain the demand for credit. It’s funny isn’t it, how the terms we use, or are encouraged to use, have such an influence on how an […]

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