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Could Greece swing to the right?

For what little they might be worth here are a few thoughts about Greece. My great concern is not what happens if Syriza stick to their guns but what happens if they don’t. If Syriza backs down to Germany and fails to deliver what so many Greek people voted for, I fear people will, in […]

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Secrets and Lies

Every credit has its debit, every positive its negative. So for every secret there must be a lie, and every lie must be kept secret. This is the currency of power today. Fiat truth. We are not allowed to have any secrets any more.  And yet those who insist they must know the truth about […]

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An apology

An Apology I have thought more about what I wrote in The Humiliation of Greece and have come to the conclusion that I was, in part, wrong. So I would like to offer a sincere an unreserved apology to all those who read it I would also like to offer an explanation of where I […]

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The Humiliation of Greece

It’s not often we get to witness the moment when a leader sells his nation for money. Such a moment occurred in Athens last week. At the behest and on the authority of Prime Minister Samaras and President Papoulias, an amendment to Greek law was drawn up last week. There was no debate in parliament, […]

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A scurrilous thought for Greece and China

For whom might it make sense to help Greece, as impasse with Germany hardens and Greece approaches default?  And what sort of offer of help would make sense for Greece? Europe and in particular the Germans have painted themselves into a Teutonic corner. It will make no more nor less sense for Germany to blink […]

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‘Cranky Extremists’ – The Bully-boy Chorus begins.

Predictably the bully-boy chorus, shouting insults and threats at the Greek people, has begun to swell.  One of the UKs best known Tory Bully-boys, Ken Clark, Justice Secretary(!), recently described those Greek politicians who are opposed to the terms of the EU enforced austerity measures, as “cranky extremists”. The object of this jibe was, of […]

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Bond market today

Just a quick bond market note. ftse was down about 40 points this morning as were all the other European markets. Mid morning they all went vertically up. The reason, as Market Watch printed as a headline, “Portugal sale helps spirit”. This was the news that Portugal managed to sell about one billion euros of […]

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