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Panama partners in crime

“We have broken no laws and cooperated with the government at all times.”   Variations of that statement seem to be the default defence of everyone from bankers to politicians when their names come up in the Panama Papers. In the UK the latest to resort to some version of it, was first Downing Street on […]

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Making the Truth Illegal – revisited

“Making the Truth Illegal” is the title of the only post I have ever removed from this blog. I removed it because I was threatened with legal consequences if I did not. (Plus, I would like to add, some of the way I had written the blog post was stupid and could have hurt someone […]

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Twilight of Justice

Back in December of 2012, when it was proved in U.S. court that billions of dollars of drug money had been laundered through HSBC and yet somehow it was also found that HSBC was NOT guilty of laundering and neither was anyone in the bank, there was an outcry. In America Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren, […]

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Cyprus – The ‘nuclear’ option

Europe, the ECB and the IMF have put a gun to Cyprus’ head. The threat has been made public – you do as we say and seize depositor’s money or – Germany to Cyprus: your banks might never re-open Either Cypriot members of parliament ignore the will of the Cypriot people or the ECB stops […]

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