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The Emerging New World Order – Part 2. The End of Sovereignty

In part one I wrote, ” …in every country the people who run the State have largely decided they no longer wish to serve the people but prefer instead to serve the interests of a Global Over-Class”. I believe we are in the midst of an historic shift in the alignment of loyalty and political […]

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A horrid thought has been incubating for the last few days. I don’t know how many of you know much about Vulture Funds, what they do and how they do it, but it forms the basis of my horrid thought. Nations issue debt. After it is bought, it often gets re-sold on what is called […]

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Ireland was Germany’s off-shore tart

Now that Mr Cowen has lost control of his party, coalition and country, the Irish can expect to be bullied and hectored from all sides. It is more important than ever for Ireland to defend herself against the claims that she owes the rest of us. She doesn’t. Every European bank exposed to Irish loans, […]

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What Ireland teaches us all

The future for a great many countries is already out there. One of the best places to see how it will be is Ireland. A few weeks ago the triumphant headline was ‘Ireland out of recession’. And the articles that went with the headline were full of ‘growth’ and ‘bounce’ and ‘exports’. They were all […]

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Hungary and the IMF – Eurocritical?

Quite often I am asked when I think somethig is going to happen. I usually say, if I could give an accurate time frame I’d be either very rich indeed or on a black bag flight to nowhere. Luckily for me I am notoriously bad at guessing time frames. I usually call things far too […]

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