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Archive | October, 2011

Growth through Austerity – An Irish update.

Last week on the Vincent Browne Show on Irish Television I was told by , Mr Brian  Hayes the Minister of State for public works and Public Sector Reform that  things were  improving for Ireland. Austerity was working. Towards the end of the show the host, Vincent Browne, challenged the Minister to say how exactly they […]

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The Saved and the Damned

I had a meeting the other day with one of Ireland’s very top bankers. This person agreed to meet me and answer a few questions on condition of complete anonymity. That this person was willing to talk to me at all was a surprise.  One of the things we talked about was the up-coming European […]

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Euro Farce – the regulators race to the bottom.

The European ‘Plan’ to bail out Europe’s banks one more time, has now descended in to utter farce. We began with estimates that the EFSF would need to be tripled or quadrupled in size.  One to two trillion euros were being mentioned as what the new and improved super EFSF would need  in order to […]

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What would it look like if our leaders had lost control?

What would it look like if our leaders had lost control? What would be the signs? Here’s a list of some of the signs I think we would see. The first sign would be that the measures our leaders had taken did not have the effect we were assured they would have. Not that they […]

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STOP the Zombie Banks

This morning,as the G20 traitors meet, Joseph Akerman CEO of Deutsche Bank and Chairman of the Bank Lobby Group the International Institute of Finance (IFF) is going  to meet our glorious, traitorous leaders to tell them they must not, may not ‘ask’ the  banks and bankers to shoulder any more of the cost of bailing themselves out than the 21% they already voluntarily […]

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Foreign riot police may now be operating in Greece.

Did you know that the EU has its own riot police that can operate in any European country but is answerable directly to none of them?  No I didn’t either. They are called the European Gendarmerie Force (Eurogendfor) . They are based in Italy but funded and staffed by six signatory nations who are France, […]

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The places and people who help Barclays ‘minimize’ its taxes.

Yesterday, like many of you I read how a quarter of the UK’s largest companies had subsidiaries in Tax Havens. The Guardian reported that, The 100 largest groups registered on the London Stock Exchange have more than 34,000 subsidiaries and joint ventures between them. A quarter of these, over 8,000, are located in jurisdictions that offer […]

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Hungary’s default – the first victim, Erste bank.

Erste bank of Austria has just announced a 1.6 billion Euro loss. It’s share price fell nearly 10%. It is the nature of the losses more than the amount which is critical. First and foremost the losses were because of Hungay’s default (Yeah that’s right, Default) and the ‘unexpected’ slow down in Romania. Hungary passed […]

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Belgium versus Greece – decision time in Paris?

Here is a morning thought for you. First the French and Belgians have apparently agreed to stump up the cash to nationalize Dexia in its various parts. A cost for both the French and Belgian tax payers that will definitely lead to a credit downgrade for Belgium and which will,  I think. also do the […]

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Democracy or the Banks – which do you want? – Corrected.

The propaganda barrage in preparation of the next global assault on our well being is in full swing. IMF advisor Robert Shapiro giving the BBC an interview where he says there will be a global melt down in just two to three weeks unless the politicians address this financial crisis “in a credible way”. Meaning in a […]

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