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About Me

My name is David Malone. I am a second generation documentary film-maker. My father made The Ascent of Man with Bronowski, The Age of Uncertainty with Galbraith and Cosmos with Sagan.

I learned my craft at the BBC science department where I worked for 9 years, ending up on Horizon. Since then I have made films for C4, BBC2 and more recently BBC4.

I have always made films I believed in. Films I thought had something to say. I have won a handful of awards.  These days I appear in front of camera as often as I direct from behind it.

I also lecture on both film and finance.

If you want to hear someone speak passionately about the power and cultural importance of film or a hear a cogent and challenging view of the financial world from outside the consensus call me.

If you want to contact me please email me at golemxivg@gmail.com