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Liars Lexicon

Here is the list of  Liar’s Lexicon posts.

Each takes one of the phrases or concepts which we’ve all heard and often been needlessly confused by. It has been my contention that none of these concepts is difficult. They are bandied about partly, I think, to encourage us to think we can’t understand and should just sit down and be quiet.

They are not difficult. They are, I contend, jargon whose purpose is to confuse and often to lie.

Repo –                       Liar’s Lexicon
Volatility  –                 Volatility – the market god, slayer of nations
Toxic assets –           Toxic assets – a taste
Losing money  –        Losing money: how to do it
Debt laundering  –     Debt Laundering and theft
Leverage  –               Cash, Debt and the magic of Leverage
Short Selling –           Short Selling – end game guide
Speculation –             Specualtion and Bubbles
Securitization –          Securitization – The Undead heart of the Shadow banking machine – Part 1
The Undead Heart – part 2
The Undead Heart – part 3
Inflation –                    Inflation deflation
Mark to Market –        Liar’s Lexicon – Mark to Market